APICS is the premier professional association for supply chain management.

Build the Best Performance Based Learning Program for Your Business

If your organization is interested in expanding its employees’ knowledge of production, inventory management, and supply chain concepts, APICS Corporate Services can help. We will coordinate a program designed for your organization’s culture, environment, budget, and individual professional development objectives. APICS education and certification programs are recognized globally as the standard of excellence in operations and supply chain management.

The APICS for Business Advantage

APICS makes it even easier to implement training and certification for your entire organization. We act as your single-point-of-contact, providing scalable solutions for courses, certification, membership, and education. A centralized approach will help your organization

  • coordinate student registration, questions and material orders
  • synchronize start dates for students in multiple locations
  • communicate a single set of corporate education goals to instructors 
  • provide scalable solutions for your global needs.

Who should pursue APICS education and certification?

APICS education is ideal for employees across many fields, including
  • production management
  • inventory management
  • operations
  • supply chain management
  • procurement
  • materials management
  • purchasing
  • warehousing
  • strategic sourcing
  • planning
  • distribution
  • finance and cost accounting
  • manufacturing information systems
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    Benefits of Investing in Education and Certification

    Your organization benefits from APICS in the following ways:
    • a common understanding, vocabulary, and framework both within the organization and across the entire supply chain
    • a foundation for collaboration that enables interdepartmental synergy
    • effective management of global supply chain activities
    • organizational skills required to strategically streamline operations and increase customer satisfaction
    • best practices and insights to better manage supplier and customer relationships
    • an understanding of how ERP and other systems are used to improve organizational performance that allows you to maximize the ROI of existing and future technology investments.
    Employees benefit from APICS by
    • learning to think strategically and streamline operations
    • increasing functional knowledge
    • learning how systems and technology impact operations
    • understanding how various company functions are linked through ERP
    • gaining the ability to understand standard industry terminology.

    APICS certification courses

    APICS offers two certifications which are recognized globally as the standard for professional excellence in operations and supply chain management:

    • APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM)
      • This curricula focuses on the activities inside the 4 walls of your company to help your employees reduce cost, streamline operations and enhance communication
    • APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)
      • Provides your employees with an end-to-end view of the supply chain. From your supplier’s supplier through the operation to your customer’s customer

    Identify where your organization is in its supply chain evolution.

    APICS certifications will help move your organization forward.

    • The APICS CPIM program will enable your firm to become an integrated enterprise.
    • The APICS CSCP program will take you a step closer toward becoming an extended enterprise.

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