APICS is the premier professional association for supply chain management.

APICS Certifications: Performance Based Learning

APICS certifications help validate that your employees have the knowledge and skills required to effectively
  • manage supply chain activities
  • leverage technologies and best practices to improve performance
  • directly impact your organization’s bottom line 

APICS CPIM and CSCP Exam Delivery Methods

APICS Corporate Services help you manage the details associated with scheduling your employees for APICS CPIM and CSCP exams. This includes selecting the appropriate testing location and method of test delivery.

APICS Exams in North America:

APICS Computer-Based Testing through APICS Testing Centers
Exams are administered in North America through our testing partner. Contact APICS corporate development team if you have any questions about testing.

Testing outside North America

Outside of North America APICS offers testing options for the APICS CPIM and CSCP exams on specific dates.

  • If you have 15 or more individuals who need to complete APICS exams, the APICS Corporate Services team can help you arrange for private testing at one of your company locations.
  • Your employees can also complete exams at APICS sponsored test sites that are held in a number of countries around the world.
  • APICS also offers testing through our network of partners.
  • Contact your APICS Corporate Services representative for other testing options

Programs and Pricing with Businesses in Mind

APICS certification delivers unlimited value to your organization. By boosting your employees’ knowledge and skills, you will strengthen the competitive edge of your enterprise, and prepare for a successful future. Refer to the following pricing charts to help with your budgeting needs. All information reflects current pricing in U.S. dollars and is subject to change. Other terms and conditions apply.

Download the APICS Corporate Services Pricing Summary.

Encourage your employees to maintain their APICS CPIM and CSCP designations.

Individuals who achieve certification are required to complete ongoing education in order to maintain their APICS CPIM or CSCP status. Below are the current certification maintenance requirements:

  • Earn a total of 75 professional development points every five years.
  • Professional development points may be earned in the following areas:
    • continuing education
    • presentations, publications, and educational development
    • service to the operations management profession
    • professional membership.
  • Failure to maintain certification within five years will suspend credentials.
  • Each additional year of suspension requires employees to submit more professional development points in order for certification to be reinstated.(Fifteen additional points are required for the APICS CSCP designation.)
  • Maintenance is required within five years of suspended credentials, or certification will be terminated and your employees will be required to retake exam(s).

Visit the APICS certification maintenance program page for individuals.